Case Study

Automated Sports Reports and Live Fine Dust Reporting at Stuttgarter Zeitung


The Case

Stuttgarter Zeitung covers news and topics concerning the city of Stuttgart and its surrounding area. To keep readers up-to-date on pressing issues and current developments, they continuously expand their portfolio. They cover all topics a newspaper usually reports about, e.g. politics, sports, economy, etc.

The Challenge

As the newspaper wanted to keep readers updated on the concentration of fine dust in the city, they tried to find a way to report about this continuously, without or little input from their journalists. They also tried to find a way to relieve their employees of writing reports that had a repetitive pattern and only basic information.
  • Create high-quality reports very quickly
  • Provide live information on current air quality

The Solution

Stuttgarter Zeitung knew they had to find a way to automate the content writing process of the fine dust live reports and sport reports. That's how they chose AX Semantics. Copywriters formulated statements on the AX Semantics platform, and created the basic structure of the reports. On the basis of available data sets, published by officials, these statements are then automatically updated with current information and data. Therefore, the live fine dust reports are always up-to-date and sports reports are published as soon as results are final.
Sports reports and fine dust reports generated with the AX Semantics software

The Results

The reports on fine dust and sports are of a high-quality, as they are built according to set rules and the data provided. The live information on current air quality in the Stuttgart region is always up-to-date and doesn't need input of any journalists. In fact, the fine particle radar has been awarded the the local journalist prize for Robot Journalism of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

Stuttgarter Zeitung

The Stuttgarter Zeitung is a german-language daily newspaper published in Stuttgart, Germany. It sells about 200,000 copies daily and covers regional news as well as some supra-regional topics.