Case Study

White & Yellow Pages for One of the Largest Independent Dealership Groups in the UK

Jardine Motors

The Case

Jardine Motors ​​is a multi-national operator of franchised motor car dealerships in the UK. All cars are listed and described in their online shop to give potential customers a better idea of their cars. Accordingly, the car descriptions need to be of high quality and as detailed as possible.

The Challenge

Jardine Motors needed to create a large number of unique car descriptions. They had to optimize their content according to SEO standards to improve the visibility of their content in search engines. To write these descriptions manually would have been very time consuming. Their goals:

  • Generate unique, detailed & well-structured car descriptions
  • Reduce workload of content team

The Solution

The Jardine Motors team knew they needed to find a way to automate the descriptions of the cars for sale. So they decided to use AX Semantics. They use AX Semantics to create readable feature lists for their cars based on data that is acquired by the shop.

Automation of repetitive writing tasks

With the AX Semantics content automation software, Jardine Motors is able to generate every car description automatically based on structured data. After an initial configuration of statements on the AX Semantics platform, copywriters are able to create as many automated descriptions as needed.

Fast time to market

Now, descriptions for new cars on sale can go online in a heartbeat, thanks to content automation. There is no longer a need to wait until the respective descriptions have been written manually. As soon as the product data is available, the description is automatically generated.

Jardine Motors_Example
Listing page of cars on sale on the website of Jardine Motors

The Results

Jardine Motors was able to generate many unique product descriptions that are not only SEO friendly, but are also displayed on their listing pages. Therefore, customers have a good overview of the cars the company is offering. Also, thanks to content automation, the workload of the team has been drastically reduced.

Jardine Motors

Jardine Motors Group is one of the UK’s largest automotive retailers. They represent 14 different car brands at more than 50 locations all across the United Kingdom. They sell new cars as well as used cars and offer services such as vehicle valuation, comprehensive maintenance, and counseling for car finance and insurance.