Case Study

How Curanto Quickly Generated More Than 130,000 Landing Pages


The Case

Curanto offers a lot of different containers for waste disposal all over Germany and provides customized waste disposal solutions. Customers can order containers for their region through the company's website. Therefore, many different landing pages are needed.

The Challenge

As Curanto is servicing every region in Germany with many different available products, they needed thousands of unique landing pages that are also search engine optimized. This was impossible to achieve manually.

The Solution

The Curanto team knew they needed to find a way to automate the content creation for their landing pages. So they decided to use AX Semantics. Since January 2019, the company automates localized landing pages with AX Semantics to generate leads for the disposal of waste for private and commercial customers.

sample text from the Curanto website generated by AX Semantics

The Results

Curanto has generated more than 130,000 unique landing pages within 8 months using AX Semantics. Only one copy writer monitors the text generation and one IT specialist is responsible for data connection and text integration. Curanto saves a lot of time and reduced the costs of content creation thanks to the AX content automation.


Curanto is a container service that operates all over Germany. The service offers rentable containers for the disposal of all kinds of larger amounts of garbage, such as building rubble, bulk waste, or garden waste for private and commercial customers. Containers can be ordered in different sizes. The company also offers an online advisory service and it is also possible to pose a non-committal inquiry.