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We offer ready-made e-learning courses for all aspects of content automation and text generation.

Basic courses cover the NLG Cloud tool itself, advanced modules teach your in-depth ATML3 and general issues like the concepts behind robot journalism or chat bots.

About the University

Learning Materials for our Users

AX Semantics University offers training, webinars and e-learning courses on the subject of automated copywriting. Here you will learn how to deal with the NLG Cloud and how you can use ATML3 for your business.

Individual training in on-boarding

Our specialists will teach you how to do the on-boarding in the AX Semantics training courses. You will learn the basics and the most important terms of ATML3. In the two training days, you can immediately create a project in the NLG Cloud with your data and learn what is important for automated text production.

Self-learning with our e-learning courses

With e-learning you can go your own pace and compile the content yourself. Depending on your knowledge and business field, you can choose a suitable course or complete a short module on a particular subject. When designing the AX Semantics e-learning, it was important not to miss the practice. Therefore, you will find exercises on all important topics, where you can apply what you have learned.

Exchange and answers to urgent questions in the Community Support Forum

If you have questions about an e-learning exercise or want to know how other users deal with certain features, check out our Community Support Forum. There you can share your learner experiences in e-learning with others.

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