The Natural Language Generation tool for editors, not developers.

Our web-based tool allows writers and editors to focus on what matters - defining meaning - and automates the rest.

Reduce time to content

Generate your content within seconds. No more waiting for editors or translators.

Increase Conversion

Generate valuable content and satisfy your users' information needs.

Go International

AX Semantics provides content in 110 languages, letting you deploy new domains without worrying about translators for each piece of content.

Reduce Cost 

Reduce the cost of your content with the AX Semantics NLG Cloud, starting at 8 cents per item.

The Components to Write Content via AX Semantics

Our tools give you access to the complete Natural Language Generation toolchain: 100% SaaS – everything is available from your desk via your web browser, no programming skills needed. 

Your data itself is the basis for the content.

You decide how the data should appear in the text and how it should be interpreted. The AI learns from you which statements you want to make about a topic –depending on your data content – and how you want to formulate them.

The NLG Core software (our "text engine") interprets the data according to your specifications along with the AI training and adds grammatical and lexical information to produce the final result: human-sounding narrative and styled content.

Learn more about the technology and take a look at the Features.

Real-Time Updates.

< 100ms per generation.
Real-time text updates are possible.


> 150 million texts per day. 
Bulk content updates for any amount of text.


99.9%+ uptime. 
Guaranteed availability for your content.

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