Automated text generation
in 27+ languages.*

*We generate text, we don’t translate.

AX Semantics produces your texts in over 27 languages at the touch of a button and in perfect
tonality. Generate your product descriptions, news articles or reports in written natural language.

Tested and in use

The NLG Cloud currently provides the following languages and regional variants:

  • ar-SA: Arabic (Saudi-Arabia)
  • cs-CZ: Czech (Czech Republic)
  • da-DK: Danish (Denmark)
  • de-AT: German (Austria)
  • de-CH: German (Switzerland)
  • de-DE: German (Germany)
  • en-GB: English (Great Britain)
  • en-US: English (US)
  • es-ES: Spanish (Spain)
  • es-CL: Spanish (Chile)
  • fi-FI: Finnish (Finland)
  • fr-FR: French (France)
  • fr-CH: French (Switzerland)
  • it-IT: Italian (Italy)
  • nl-NL: Dutch (Netherlands)
  • nb-NO: Norwegian Bokmål (Norway)
  • pl-PL: Polish (Poland)
  • pt-PT: Portuguese (Portugal)
  • pt-BR: Portuguese (Brasil)
  • sk-SK: Slovak (Slovakia)
  • sv-SE: Swedish (Sweden)
  • zh-CN: Chinese (Simplified)

Upcoming Languages*

More languages are available via our early access program

  • ja-JP: Japanese (Japan)
  • ru-RU: Russian (Russia)
  • tr-TR: Turkish (Turkey)
  • lv-LV: Latvian (Latvia)
  • ro-RO: Romanian (Romania)
  • sl-SL: Slovenian (Slovenia)

* Since our text generation NLG Core has is own language and grammar abstraction layer, and all customization is provided as markup language instead of software code, all languages are possible.

Bring your writing to the future