Automated text generation
in 100 languages.*

*We generate text, we don’t translate.

AX Semantics produces your texts in 110 languages at the touch of a button and in perfect
tonality. Generate your product descriptions, news articles or reports in written natural language.

All Languages that you'll ever need!

The NLG Cloud currently provides all languages that you need! e.g. the following languages and regional variants:

  • ar-SA: Arabic (Saudi-Arabia)
  • cs-CZ: Czech (Czech Republic)
  • da-DK: Danish (Denmark)
  • de-AT: German (Austria)
  • de-CH: German (Switzerland)
  • de-DE: German (Germany)
  • en-GB: English (Great Britain)
  • en-US: English (US)
  • es-ES: Spanish (Spain)
  • es-CL: Spanish (Chile)
  • fi-FI: Finnish (Finland)
  • fr-FR: French (France)
  • fr-CH: French (Switzerland)
  • it-IT: Italian (Italy)
  • nl-NL: Dutch (Netherlands)
  • nb-NO: Norwegian Bokmål (Norway)
  • pl-PL: Polish (Poland)
  • pt-PT: Portuguese (Portugal)
  • pt-BR: Portuguese (Brasil)
  • sk-SK: Slovak (Slovakia)
  • sv-SE: Swedish (Sweden)
  • zh-CN: Chinese (Simplified)

See our complete language list in our documentation.

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