AX Partner Program

Use our ATML3 platform to fulfil the needs of your customers and provide AX based solutions for your own product.

Sales Partner

Sales Partners sell the AX NLG Cloud based on a commission, while Onboarding, Service Creation and Service Delivery is done by AX Semantics.

Solution Partner

Solution Partners use AX to fulfill the needs of their customers themselves. Sales/Customer acquisition is up to the solution partner; AX may refer clients to the solution partner.

Integration Partner

Integration Partners implement AX based solutions into their own products. Service Creation and monetarization depend on the solution and are custom built.

Brand & Label

Brand and label is the new and secure way to enter the Latam Region Risk Free. We are representatives for Marketing and IT companies developing brands and business models for Latin America. With our headquarters based in Chile and associates in Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Brazil.


Textbroker ist seit 2005 der Pionier unter den Textbörsen und verfolgt die Mission „Offer the best content possible to everyone, everywhere, for every situation“. Das Unternehmen bietet maßgeschneiderte Inhalte aller Art nach Kundenwunsch sowie verschiedene Leistungen im Bereich Content-Marketing an.

Bei Textbroker sind weltweit tausende Autoren und Kunden registriert, die monatlich unzählige Textaufträge über die Plattform abwickeln. Auftraggeber können zwischen verschiedenen Service-Angeboten wählen und Texte in 15 Sprachen schreiben oder jede Sprache der Welt übersetzen lassen.

Zu den Kunden von Textbroker zählen weltweit führende börsennotierte Konzerne, SEO-Agenturen, Shop-Betreiber, Reiseportale, Social-Media-Communitys, Verlage und Webmaster.

Im Rahmen der Partnerschaft mit AX deckt Textbroker Dienstleistungen im Bereich Implementierung und Onboarding ab.


Customer focused website & content for more profit

uNaice delivers innovative solutions when it comes to online marketing, content and automated copywriting for service providers,midsize businesses and corporations with international structure.

In addition to the automated creation of unique and search engine relevant texts and the design and programming of complete customer centric websites, consulting, training courses and workshops complement the portfolio.

astiga media

astiga media is the online agency of astiga GmbH. We are based in Stuttgart, Germany. With more than 35 employees we offer customers solutions in all Internet and IT related matters providing creative technology driven solutions. The team of astiga specialists combines IT professionals, copywriters and developers. The sales focus targets mid-market customers both in Germany and the EU.

diva-e Textprovider

diva-e Textprovider is a content marketing agency based in Bochum, Germany. The company has been helping clients achieve their strategic goals with relevant, targeted content since 2007 and has already completed over 600 projects. Employing 37 members of staff in Bochum and over 2,500 international freelance copywriters, diva-e Textprovider produces a broad range of content. Copy can be produced in 18 different languages.

diva-e Textprovider oversees the whole process of content production: The agency advises clients during the concept phase, develops a suitable content strategy with them and offers expert support during content production. Projects of any size can be easily covered thanks to scalable production processes.

As AX Semantics’ Solutions Partner, diva-e Textprovider advises on software integration, entering data sets correctly, training, and the updating of machines to generate and adapt texts.

Join the AX Partner Program

We give you access to our engine, platform and Automated Text Markup Language (ATML3) and provide training for you as well. By doing this, you will be enabled to use our platform to meet the needs of your customers.