Millions of unique Texts 

The AX Semantics NLG Cloud: a software that writes.

A software, that creates written content from your data.

Generate millions of product descriptions, news articles or reports in 22 languages.

Your Benefits


Generate your content within seconds. No more waiting
for editors or translators. 

Cost reduction

Reduce your cost of content with the AX Semantics NLG Cloud: starting with 5c per SKU.


Use your data to generate valuable content and satisfy your users' information needs.


AX Semantics provides content in any language, enabling new domains without worrying about translators.

1. We use your structured data as basis for your automated content.

Your ecommerce system, PIM, MDM or product information database are full of valuable data that you can leverage. We use your structured data as an input for your content.
Integrate our technology seamlessly into your systems via REST-API or import from xlsx/csv via our webinterface.

2. You will create a ruleset that defines how your text should look.

Your data is mapped against meanings and conclusions. Relevant information in the data is extracted and your wording, linguistic styles and story structures are put into the rulesets. 

3. Output: unique Text in 22 Languages

The NLG text-engine will produce automated content in all of the desired output languages. A

ll generated content is unique, even if you have multiple demands for the same object, and each language is generated individually - there is no translation from one to the other. 

⇠ Free Sandbox license to get to know the tool

⇠ Free Tutorial and eLearning to get you started

⇠ You can upgrade to any paid plan, anytime.


Editor License: Use our tool for any kind of text that needs to be written based on data: business reports, BI analysis, financial documentation etc.

1000 Texts/ month

199€ / month

Flatrate Basic

20.000 Objects (e.g. SKUs)
1349 € / month

  • free text updates
  • up to 5 users
  • support via ticket-system and chat included
  • billed annually

Flatrate Advanced

100.000 Objects (e.g. SKUs)
4999 € / month

  • free text updates
  • up to 5 users
  • support via ticket-system and chat included
  • billed annually


1.000.000 or more Objects
ask for price

  • Free Text updates
  • up to 10 users
  • support via ticket-system and chat included
  • billed monthly

Your Data, your Content!

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