The Tool

Natural Language Generation: our Tool is for Editors, not Developers.

Our web based Tool allows writers and editors to focus on what matters:
defining meaning and wording – and automate the rest.

in-App Support

Our friendly and knowledgeable experts are always here for you.

regular updates

Every day we release innovative new updates based on customer ideas.

Security & Privacy 

Protecting your data is central to everything we do. We offer SSL Encryption and privacy certified data processing, including HIPPA.

Web Based access integrated with automation via API 

⇠ Upload your data and start with your content automation idea

⇠ Take on new endeavours as a team any time

⇠ Begin with manual configuration and extend to fully automated content production 

⇠ Modify content production settings to enable dynamic content experiments like SEO-experiments, personalisation or media-adaptive content

Manage your portfolio of automated content projects – for your whole team

Manage your existing text production and start new projects any time.

Team-minded: Multiple users working on the same endeavour – at the same time.

Data Sources: the interface for your data 

  • manage your data in the platform
  • setup different collections for different languages and output channels
  • import data via upload or API

Data Analysis to help you to find
relevant meaning in your data

  • integrated on-demand data analysis
  • data preview

Configure your text production parameters

  • select  desired language and localisation
  • semantic properties like text length, keyword density etc. for your text
  • configure automated text generation 

The automation rules are configured by a human editor.

⇠ By giving your editorial input to the machine, your data will be interpreted to produce texts. Thousands of them, in seconds - with guaranteed quality.

⇠ Machine Learning assists you during the creation of the "smart text".

⇠ You have full control over the linguistics and the content of the output.

Compose your text idea

  • Use the text-editor style UI for writing your base text 
  • Start with native-language content and then move on

Start making your text "dynamic" with the Magic mode

  • point+click GUI for making your text smart: link data, link extracted meaning 
  • instant preview on element or sentence level with your real data

Extensive Preview and Q&A Features

  • Single text preview
  • Data interpretation debug 
  • "All Sentence Output" for viewing all extractable text element combinations: make your text ruleset releasable

Add Variance to comply with SEO requirements

  • Use sentence variations for basic text variations for the same statement
  • Use synonyms for making dynamic word replacements 
  • Add fallback and dynamic elements for 
  • Use SEO-keyword features to let the engine select for the perfect keyword density and density deviation.
  • Use a defined company specific vocabulary

Get Content Output – perfectly written like a human editor

⇠ Produce content at scale and in real-time, with 270 texts per second and 0.2s per text

⇠ Update your text anytime without human intervention

⇠ Do away with manual text exchange via files or edit form

Manage your text production
and preview results

  • Use Bulk content production and text updates
  • Generate single document previews
  • Different options for guaranteed text delivery SLA available

Various options for Text delivery
for any use case

  • Automation of content via push (as a webhook)
  • Pull content from the API
  • Manual text delivery via download
Our Vision: a tool for everyone.

Try the only complete self-service text generation tool on the world.

⇠ Free Sandbox license to get to know the tool

⇠ Free Tutorial and eLearning to get you started

⇠ You can upgrade to any paid plan, anytime.