Multiple Languages

Produce text in all* the languages of the world

Polyglot Content Generation

Use us to generate multi-language content.


All content is being generated in the native target language. You will not encounter translation artifacts, and you can even factor in for regional variants.

Native Language Support

Your out can be based on polyglotty data, enabling you for example to generate french and chinese content from spanish data.

Tested and in Use

The NLG Cloud currently provides the following languages and regional variants:

  • ar-SA: Arabic (Saudi-Arabia)
  • cs-CZ: Czech (Czech Republic)
  • da-DK: Danish (Denmark)
  • de-AT: German (Austria)
  • de-CH: German (Switzerland)
  • de-DE: German (Germany)
  • en-GB English (Great Britain)
  • en-US: English (US)
  • es-ES: Spanish (Spain)
  • es-CL: Spanish (Chile)
  • fi-FI: Finnish (Finland)
  • fr-FR: French (France)
  • fr-CH: French (Switzerland)
  • it-IT: Italian (Italy)
  • nl-NL: Dutch (Netherlands)
  • nb-NO: Norwegian Bokmål (Norway)
  • pl-PL: Polish (Poland)
  • pt-PT: Portuguese (Portugal)
  • pt-BR: Portuguese (Brasil)
  • sk-SK: Slovak (Slovakia)
  • sv-SE: Swedish (Sweden)
  • zh-CN: Chinese (Simplified)

Upcoming Languages

More languages are available via our early access program:

  • ja-JP: Japanese (Japan)
  • ru-RU: Russian (Russia)
  • tr-TR: Turkish (Turkey)
  • lv-LV: Latvian (Latvia)
  • ro-RO: Romanian (Romania)
  • sl-SL: Slovenian (Slovenia)

* Since our text generation NLG Core has is own language and grammar abstraction layer, and all customization is provided as markup language instead of software code, all languages are possible.

Try it out?

We have multiple plans available for you, based on the needs for different areas of text production.

And of course, you can try it out for free!