Content Impact Tracking & Learning

With axite, you track the interaction of the user with the content and correlate that with your site success. User behaviour based on text interaction will then be used to further enhance and optimize the content automatically.

Text Impact Tracking

axite is a new software tool for the permanent monitoring of text impact on your site. axite tracks the interaction of the reader with the text and correlates that with your website goals (e.g. your

Google Analytics) or other conversions. Thus qualitative analysis of the text itself is possible.

Text Impact Optimisation

Newly generated text are then based on the proven, successful text, leading to an automated optimisation of the text based on real facts.

Together with an automated variance of the text, axite is the revenue optimization machine - not just for webshops.

The technical integration of the axite-Snippet is done with a few clicks.

How it works

  1. integrate the axite tracking pixel in your site

  2. all texts contain a hidden identifier

  3. user interaction with the text in the browser is being analysed by axite

  4. together with your success data via Google Analytics, axite correlates success of the content

  5. the success of the content is used to optimise the generated text