What is robot journalism? - Interview with Saim Alkan

Christoph Salzig and Saim Alkan talking about the current situation in German editorial offices: What does the future hold for publishers? What influence will intelligent software have on the way journalists work and on journalistic business models?
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"I would be delighted to have major journalistic brands - by that I mean above all people: I would be happy if we had journalists who are known by name to a wider range of the population and who shape the image of a media house. And there will also be the machine that will help you to become international and to understand the smallest target groups that you don't even think about today. And I think that individualisation will make it possible to get paid for content again." (Saim Alkan) (Saim Alkan)

Here is the interview "What is robotic journalism?" Christof Salzig has written a revealing analysis about the attitude and (missing) digital strategies of German publishers: "Digital strategies in the publishing industry - or: "The chronicles of Naja".