AX Semantics at Startup Autobahn EXPO Day 5

We are pleased to present the results of Startup Autobahn Program 5 at the EXPO Day at Wagenhallen in Stuttgart today. 1000 invited participants from the fields of research, business and politics, 57 international speakers on stage and more than 50 pilot projects, whose results will be presented.

After AX Semantics was voted into the program along with about 50 other startups, everyone had 100 days to realize a Proof of Concept. The results of this 100-day work will be presented to the corporate partners today. 

Chatbot prototype for industrial plants

In cooperation with Daimler, who voted us into the program, we have developed a Chatbot prototype, with which you can talk to an industrial plant. Frank Feulner, Chief Business Development Officer of AX Semantics, will present the results today and explains: “The aim is to get a better overview of the errors and the way they can be corrected. If an error is registered in production, you can ask the chatbot about it. This makes it possible to find out quickly, where an operator needs to take action and whether the troubleshooting was effective.”

The program

The announced program is promising: Besides the presentations of results there are keynotes, panels and innovation walks. On the stages are international speakers, above all Winfried Kretschmann, Minister President of Baden-Württemberg. 

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