Monthly News - The Month June for AX Semantics

Our New Software:, AXCD: Automated Text and Content Day, AX teaming up with AWS,
Deloitte joins forces with AX, NLG: the future of User Assistance @ UA Reloaded,
AX Semantics Marketplace, Nvidia Accelerator

Busy times do not allow always for extensive communication. Since we had a very busy month I’ll try to share some of the more important things that happenend in the last month in a consolidated manner.

Our New Software:

We started releasing our new platform iteration (v3), called NEXT. This is a major iteration bringing a completely revamped UI and user experience for our NLG software. It will be the first NLG software, that is so understandable and likeable, that really everyone can use. Moving from enterprise software to something that is fun!

Feature wise, we are introducing visual data and logic manipulation, AI-assisted text analysis and real-time writing. Together with in-app tutorials, this is a revolutionary new way to approach the content problem - while building on top of our proven technology and platform! From a natural language generation technology perspective, we have improved our language generation modules to be faster (real time!) and to cover even more features across our 27+ languages. Morphology improvements of up to 80% for some languages, and totally new languages like russian or greek are now available.

This is now available for early access customers to allow us beta testing (, please follow us on producthunt for updates and feedback:

AXCD: Automated Text and Content Day

Organising the first AXCD (, brought more than 300 content managers, SEO, writers etc. together in Berlin. Listening to Karl Kratz, Nils Kattau and Tina Nord to talk about various topics around topics and seeing some AX Semantics customers showing of their success.

Blown away by a live demo from Robin Lehmann, where he showed setting up a functioning affiliate site with more than 50.000 products including unique content in under 10 minutes, we had a nice summer evening party in the Vollgutlager.

AX teaming up with AWS

AWS Customers can now get the AX Semantics NLG platform directly via AWS. This is made possible by teaming up with Amazon Webservices (AWS), bringing us to the AWS Marketplace.

Natural Language Generation as an on-demand solution is now in the AWS cloud, - only 1 click for all AWS Customers.

This was announced at the AWS Summit Berlin, a two-day convention around AWS, AWS partners and an exhibition, where we presented how we use the AWS cloud to scale indefinitely, bringing our customers 32 millions of texts last month.

Customer Reviews

Deloitte joins forces with AX

Deloitte joined forces with AX to bring NLG software into the enterprise. Our newly found collaboration comes at a time, where the task in businesses is not about gathering data anymore, but bringing this data into a form where it can actually be consumed by employees, managers or executives. If you are into finance topics, watch out for Deloitte using our NLG platform to merge legaltech and fintech into a revolutionary new product.

NLG: the future of User Assistance @ UA Reloaded

SAP and Tekom invited us to show the future of writing to technical writers and user assistance people. At UA Reloaded, an annual conference that shows disruptive changes that are already happening, more than 100 companies learned about how to actually use NLG and how to employ this technology to tackle their technical writing challenges.

AX Semantics Marketplace

Since last year, we already created a partner program for sellers and service provicers ( called AX Distributors and Managed Service Providers), allowing agencies and content companies to offer NLG services to their customers and potential customers (email if you are interested).

Now, we are going the next step to incubate a complete ecosystem around NLG: If you are offering services, products, data or similar that is relevant in the NLG context, get listed at Customers can find those offerings that augment our NLG platform and enable new projects.

Nvidia Accelerator

Nvidia Inception nurtures dedicated and exceptional startups who are revolutionizing industries with advances in AI and data science, as of now we are officialy part of the Nvidia Inception Program!


As you can see, we had a very active last 4 weeks, I'll hope this give you an impression of what is going on in our journey to bring NLG to everyone!