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  • International E-commerce: Personalization needed to drive sales

    International E-commerce: Personalization needed to drive sales

    New AX Semantic Software increases AI driven automatic language generation. AX Semantics GmbH, Stuttgart, a major player for cloud service natural language automation is launching a new AI based software, which generates automatic texts in 110 languages in seconds, ideal for e-commerce providers to automate product catalogue production in large quantities across multiple countries. Plug and Play Ventures, California, is joining the list of international backers for AX Semantics as the company continues to expand internationally and support e-commerce operations worldwide.

  • Prototypes for Chatbots

    Prototypes for Chatbots

    If you look at a hype cycle, you see how an innovation goes through a rollercoaster of different perceptions. First everybody keeps frowning at it and asks “is this even a thing?” and then, once it has proven to work and generate some business impact, everybody tries to match it into all sorts of more or less far-fetched usecases, until people start realizing how much money they have spent on what were essentially nothing but very smart toys.

  • Prototypes for Industrial IoT

    Prototypes for Industrial IoT

    Imagine for a second, that you are a technician in a modern German factory. Everything around you is solid and shiny, and all the the beautiful machines are buzzing with productivity. Complex production lines arranged in clockwork precision, manufacturing products in unquestionable quality standards. And it doesn’t stop there: Industry 4.0 is everywhere and decisionmakers are driving the use of Big Data and Analytics to make those production lines more and more effective. It is like a scene from a Stanley Kubrick movie - it is utopia.

  • Prototypes for Business Intelligence

    Prototypes for Business Intelligence

    As big data is turning from a buzzword to an actual thing, the way we do business is becoming more and more data driven. That can be a good thing because it can open up a whole new perspective on the workings of a business case. But it can also be annoying because the amount of data we have to ingest and interpret is skyrocketing as the trend continues.

  • Monthly News - The Month July for AX Semantics

    Monthly News - The Month July for AX Semantics

    A robot wins a journalistic award!, AX on the Road
    Research Contributions, Beta testing for NEXT and more languages