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Humans writing about robots – for now.

Our key insights from the E-Commerce Berlin EXPO. First, bring more staff. Second, E-Commerce is discovering the benefits they can get from Aritificial Intelligence applications like NLG-Software. 

created by Nareh Khoorshidian

Was macht einen guten Produkttext aus?

Damit der Nutzer sich über das Produkt ausreichend informieren kann und er überzeugt ist, das Produkt zu kaufen, sind gute Produkttexte eine große Hilfe. Doch ab wann ist ein Produkttext informativ und überzeugend zugleich?

created by Adela Schneider

New Help Center - easy access to relevant information

We revamped our support area and set up a new help center. Follow and you'll find compact information to your questions about the AX NLG Cloud. 



created by Adela Schneider

Our #AXMAS Greeting: Watch how easy NLG can be!

Take place  in your cockpit and get started: You can set up your projects on your own and create content without writing a single line of markup-language! 

created by Adela Schneider

New Video Tutorials for an easy start on AX Semantics

Get started now! We provide 10 new Video-Tutorials for your first steps on our platform.