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A leading online retailer for baby supplies with more the 300.000 SKUs, had to write, maintain and update the product descriptions. As the product description has to be adopted to national requirements, growth was limited due to this bottle neck.


With the usage of our self-service software, all product descriptions are managed automatically and due to the multi-language function, expansion to international markets goes much faster. Latest market entry: China.

How it works



Green Label


recyceled PET


Diaper Bag







Belt Material

Leather replica


performance characteristics

The Green Label Neckline Bag promises sustainability at a high level. Made from recycled PET, it consciously conserves resources. At the same time, the changing bag with its eye-catching shape proves that environmentally conscious production also makes modern and chic bags possible. The Neckline Bag is available in trendy colours with appliqués and a belt made of the finest imitation leather. 

Today, computer-generated messages are hardly distinguishable from messages written by people. For sports and financial news.

Dr. Mario Haim, LMU Munich

We produce with the NLG software from AX Semantics individual texts in outstanding quality. The well-known advantages of the robotic industry also come to the fore: economically efficient, fast delivery in good quality, legally secured and error-free, as well as repeatable and linguistically correct. These are the outstanding features of the AX Semantics Text Robot.

Andreas Wenninger

Journalists should not try to defeat news bots but learn to work with them.

Dr. Stefan Frerichs, Journalist



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