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Before AX Semantics

A German publisher provides its readers with a daily overview of the air quality measured at different points in the city. Prompted by government request, this initiative has found many proponents due to a political discussion of the air quality in German cities. Before AX Semantics each report had to be written manually by journalists.

With AX Semantics

Our text generator was able to collect and analyze fine-grained data straight from the data source and then to write reports about it. The quality of those reports is so exceptionally high that they were awarded a journalists’ prize. This was the first time ever that an AI-based technology had won an award for journalism. 

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Feinstaub in Leonberg

Leonberg: So war die Luft am Mittwoch

Die Luft in Leonberg war am Mittwoch kaum mit Feinstaub belastet. Hier geht es zum aktuellen Luftbericht.

Leonberg - Am Mittwoch haben 12 Feinstaubsensoren des OK Lab in Leonberg durchschnittlich 23,2 Mikrogramm Feinstaub je Kubikmeter Luft gemessen. Das Tagesmittel am Mittwoch lag somit unter dem EU-Grenzwert von 50 Mikrogramm Feinstaub.

Am besten war die Luft zwischen 11 und 12 Uhr, da wurden erfreuliche 12,6 Mikrogramm gemessen. Am meisten Feinstaub war in der Zeit von 20 bis 21 Uhr in der Luft (28,3 Mikrogramm, ein akzeptabler Wert). Die Luft war insgesamt etwas weniger feinstaubhaltig als am Vortag, wo im Tagesmittel trotzdem 24,2 Mikrogramm gemessen wurden. (...) 

Komplette, tagesaktuelle Artikel zu finden unter: https://www.stuttgarter-zeitung.de/feinstaub

"The development of international markets can be dramatically accelerated by text automation: This technology enables us to think globally and roll out revolutionary business models for our gastronomy ecosystem to international markets."

Kay Schwabedal, Managing Director Hospitality Digital GmbH

"With AX Semantics you can automate the way a human being would see and interpret a dataset to produce a synthesis or a full story out of it. And you can personalize these texts. In many languages if you have an international audience. For all sorts of professionals (marketers, copy-writers, Business Intelligence, journalists), it’s a major asset."

Florence Chantal, Satima Trading

"Today, computer-generated messages are hardly distinguishable from messages written by people."

Dr. Mario Haim, LMU Munich

"We produce with the NLG software from AX Semantics individual texts in outstanding quality. The well-known advantages of the robotic industry also come to the fore: economically efficient, fast delivery in good quality, legally secured and error-free, as well as repeatable and linguistically correct. These are the outstanding features of the AX Semantics Text Robot."

Andreas Wenninger

"Journalists should not try to defeat news bots but learn to work with them."

Dr. Stefan Frerichs, Journalist



Announcement: AX User Meetup in Stuttgart in March 2019

Let's talk together about your experiences, inspire each other and develop new ideas at the AX Semantics User Meetup in Stuttgart - open to all users and those who are interested in getting to know the tool.

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AX-News August 2018 - This month for AX Semantics

Our New Software: NEXT.ax, AXCD: Automated Text and Content Day, AX teaming up with AWS, Deloitte joins forces with AX, NLG: the future of User Assistance @ UA Reloaded, AX Semantics Marketplace, Nvidia Accelerator

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AI driven automatic content generation now with 110 Languages

We just launched our new version, which generates automatic texts in 110 languages, ideal for e-commerce providers to automate product catalogue production in large quantities across multiple countries.
And Plug and Play Ventures, California, is joining the list of international backers.

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