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Powerful Text Generation

The AX Semantics Platform creates meaningful written content: product descriptions, news articles, business reports, documentation, and more. Using your structured data, our Software as a Service (SaaS) automates your text production.

This output is perfectly similar to human written content – because our tool interprets your editorial input.

What type of text do you want to automate?



fine knit cardigan










lace trim


loose fit


Grey fine knit cardigan

Need something special for a romantic night out? This elegant, grey fine knit cardigan is the perfect choice. It's designed with buttons to close it when it gets chilly. Thanks to cashmere and angora it also has a velvety soft feel. The lace trim is one of those intricate details this brand loves to put into their work. The cardigan is made in a loose fit, giving you not only beauty, but comfort as well.

Truly a piece to fall in love with – bring out your elegance with this grey fine knit cardigan.

Now just try it yourself!

"The development of international markets can be dramatically accelerated by text automation: This technology enables us to think globally and roll out revolutionary business models for our gastronomy ecosystem to international markets."

Kay Schwabedal, Managing Director Hospitality Digital GmbH

"With AX Semantics you can automate the way a human being would see and interpret a dataset to produce a synthesis or a full story out of it. And you can personalize these texts. In many languages if you have an international audience. For all sorts of professionals (marketers, copy-writers, Business Intelligence, journalists), it’s a major asset."

Florence Chantal, Satima Trading

"Today, computer-generated messages are hardly distinguishable from messages written by people."

Dr. Mario Haim, LMU Munich

"We produce with the NLG software from AX Semantics individual texts in outstanding quality. The well-known advantages of the robotic industry also come to the fore: economically efficient, fast delivery in good quality, legally secured and error-free, as well as repeatable and linguistically correct. These are the outstanding features of the AX Semantics Text Robot."

Andreas Wenninger

"Journalists should not try to defeat news bots but learn to work with them."

Dr. Stefan Frerichs, Journalist

Turn Data into Content

Information is always based on data: product descriptions are based on product fact sheets, business reports are built from BI data or from a spreadsheet, and news is written from information like weather data.

With the help of our Natural Language Generation software, you can turn this data into written content, time and cost efficiently.

Easy automate your content production

AX Semantics is the easiest way to automate your text production.

With our self-service tool and our onboarding team, you can get your content automated in less than a month. Guaranteed.

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