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We live and breathe content. We are fascinated by the technological possibilities that enable language generation. Our goal is to help create high-quality and consistent content in up to 12 languages.


AX Semantics is a software program by aexea GmbH, an online content management and SEO agency located in Stuttgart. Since 2001 we have offered our know-how and services in online content and consulting. In 2009 we kick-started aexea's game changing software and found a way to make content more accessible to our customers.

We are nerf-gun shooting computational linguists and good old-fashioned copy-writers – enjoying the thrill of changing the way content is created, published and viewed today. Our aim is to raise the bar and make content scalable.

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With AX semantics, the company has become vibrant, innovative and is continuously aiming to conquer the challenges of international online business, smart data and information quality.

our history


aexea is formed

Saim Rolf Alkan founded aexea, focussing on the publishing challenges provided by the then relatively new channel "Internet".

aexea purchases a Saeco coffee machine with a daily capacity of 50 cups.


Writing for the Internet

The first edition of his book "Texten für das Internet" (Writing for the Internet), a compendium for the production of good online texts appears. The portfolio of the agency now includes the delivery of high quality content for businesses, the analysis and optimization of websites, consulting concerning the implementation of editorial processes in companies, both for the internet and intranet.


First steps towards automation

With the development of the "semantic gap model" for the optimization of SEO copywriting the first step towards automated content creation has been taken. The first prototype of AX Semantics the 'word processor' is being presented to the public by Saim Alkan in 2010. The subsequent development of AX Semantics continues and delivers one million texts in various languages in 2012.


Hello Berlin

In 2014 AX Semantics is able to handle up to 11 Languages and is now a web based software platform. Saim Alkan gets introduced to a private investor who invests a seven-digit figure into the development of the software.

aexea opens up an office in Berlin with a team of six.


Landmark in the Land of Ideas

AX Semantics 2015 gets rewarded as "Landmark in the Land of Ideas" by "Germany Land of Ideas" a initiative of federal government and the Federation of German Industries.

First talks with Brand & Label are happening, leading to an office opening in Chile.

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