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Flatrate Text Generation

Unlimited Text Generation for Your eCommerce Items.

Any kind of product descriptions, touristic information, etc:

  • each license includes unlimited text updates 
  • each online presence or publishing channel is counted as one channel, additional unique texts for having the same items on multiple shops are available for additional +30%
  • additional languages are based on the chosen license, with an additional price of € 499 (Basic), € 1.499 (Advanced) and € 2.999 (Enterprise)
  • text length up to 10.000 characters (approx. 4 pages of A4)
  • up to 5 users (Enterprise: 10)
  • time-to-text max. 12h for all objects
  • support via ticket-system and chat included

Fair Use Limits

We want you to enjoy the platform, and not hit you with lots of technical limitations. If you transgress the limits above and fair use limits, we will contact you to discuss your options.

  • only the objects that are actively used for text generation count against the number of objects
  • max. update of 1 new text per day per object

⇠ Free Sandbox license as your trial

⇠ Free Tutorial and eLearning to get you started

⇠ You can upgrade to any paid plan, anytime.

Fair Use Policy

Don't worry about the plan limits.

If my app uses more text generations than is covered by my selected plan, what will happen?

Immediately, nothing. Within reason, AX will allow occasional spikes in usage beyond our guidelines, and we will not apply unnecessary limits.

Repeated spikes or high continued usage will prompt a dialogue: we'll reach out to learn more about your application and offer you a step up. Barring abuse or attack, we will not impose limits for any application without contacting the customer.

Customers whose usage claims a disproportionate percentage of resources for their current plan level may be asked to upgrade to the plan level that matches their needs.

Your Data, your Content!

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